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“How the heck did you ever come up with this idea? They are wonderful!!!”

– Chris O.

“When my partner saw me in these, he just about went nuts. Thanks BigBoys – they are worth every cent …”

– Jack T.

“100/100 for this BigBoys underwear!”

– Danny S.

“These boxer shorts rock! Are you guys looking for a model?”

– Harry O.

“I thought my wife bought these for me as a gag gift. I wasn’t laughing when she jumped me that night! (thanks!!) ”

– Stephen G.

“Hey, my "package" never felt so free and comfortable!!!!”

– Danny G.

“The jocks at my football club all asked me where the hell I got these BigBoys and they sure weren’t laughing!”

– Russell C.

“Best undies I ever EVER bought. Thanks so much.”

– David H.

“These are sensational quality pants.”

– Irene

“These BigBoys are unbelievably airy and light yet extremely comfortable. The Cyan colour is amazing and the comfort is outstanding.”

– Vince B

“I threw out all my husband’s cotton underwear . It’s BigBoys for him – or nothing at all.”

– Amanda P.

“Do you make any edible BigBoys? My fiancée was asking.”

– Paul D.

“Finally, boxer shorts that don’t bunch me up!”

– Frank S.

“Now I know why you call them Big Boys!”

– Sean L.

“My woman thinks I'm so hot since I started wearing Bigboys!”

– Joe McCarthy

“How’s this for a slogan: BigBoys – the underpants you have to earn to wear!”

– Gerald D.

“These hug me like a woman’s hand – grin-grin!!”

– Paul K.

“These BigBoys are the one gift my girlfriend gave me that we both enjoy…”

– Larry S.

“Best pressie I've ever bought for him and me!”

– Sarah McEntee

“BigBoys underpants, Wickedly delightful. 10/10!”

– Jumbo Sized

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